Tired of the fight….

We live in a world at conflict. Thee are the physical battles of actual warfare and then the Battles of ideas. Conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, rich or poor, gay or straight…..on and on.

Do you ever get tired? I do! When you go online, someone can post a simple thing and it can be innocent and all of the sudden people have opinions and start “hatin”. 

I am thankful, that in Christ, there is no fight. I can rest, in His Love and Grace and find a refuge from the battle of everyday life. I am endeavoring to bring that peace into this war zone of a world with me. 

Jesus said,” Blessed are the Peacemakers” we need so much more of that in this world. I know that once our life here is done, we will have that peace, but I know we can have it here as well, In Christ. 

You may want to fight, argue and downright create drama, however, I am tired of the fight and I choose Peace. If you are looking for Peace, you won’t find it on the news, in dramas or on Facebook, but you can find it in Christ. Trust the Prince of Peace, cast your cares upon him, because he loves and cares for you. He will trade you your cares, worries and fears for His Peace. 

Lord, we need your Peace, that goes beyond our understanding. I rest in you, and your finished work. I face a troubled world, but I have A Peace inside me and you are its Source. May it flow out of my life and touch those around me. 




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