Whose feeding me….

There are times that I get so frustrated with social media. I am so tired of seeing or hearing about Donald Trump, Kim Davis, Mike Huckabee and so many other wanna-bes. I have “family and friends” that are so proud of their ignorance and prejudice that they keep posting all the junk, that media provides. I don’t know what bothers me more that it’s out there or people I care about believe or subscribe to it. 

I did discover a wonderful super-power, you can mute all the post of people who are not let’s call it “conscious savvy”. This way, you don’t have to delete or unfriend them. I have lost more friends that way. They don’t know they have been muted, unless you write about it in a blog. 

I am weird when it comes to social media. I have the audacity to believe that only friends should be a friend. Not busy bodies, gossips or people who just want to know my business. You don’t have to agree with me, nor do I have to agree with you, but I must warn you, I do have a line and if your ignorance goes beyond it to prejudice, hatefulness or you use Christ’s name to promote hate, you will notice a decrease in your friends stats. 

I recently told a friend, “it’s called a newsfeed for a reason” you can control who is feeding you, and there are some people who are not on my diet. I am on a low-crap and low-drama  diet don’t want it and don’t need it. 

Choose whose feeding you and has access to speak into your life…..



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