I Love Kim Davis…….

That is not the first feelings, I feel as I watch her celebrate while being exploited by a man who is neither a shepherd or statesman. On one hand it breaks my heart and infuriates me as well. This morning I took these emotions to the Altar to be altered. Then I began looking at Kim through the eyes of Christ.

I see a woman that the church has failed. I see a woman who belongs to a legalistic church, that tells Kim how to dress and that God demands her plainness, all the while the men of the same belief system, dress sharpe and enjoy their power over women. I see a woman, not unlike the woman at the well, that has lived through broken relationships with men and is now looking to her faith for the one man, any of us can count on, Jesus. I see a woman who has believed (and I believe sincerely) a message that is so far from the Gospel message of good news that it would cause one to think, that hate, judgment and denying rights to others, makes them martyrs and champions for God.

Kim Davis and so many others, have been failed by a church, hijacked. Somewhere we lost the message of Good News and Love. A message that trust God and each person to work out their own salvation. A message where the Holy Spirit (The Spirit of Love and Christ) deals with the heart and leads each person into their truth.

I love Her, because Christ Loves her. I love her because she is just as lost as anybody. What makes somebody Lost? When they do not know the Love of God. This definitely describes a lot of the church today unfortunately. So, although my first desire is to unleash my wrath, instead I choose to surrender this and pray for Kim Davis. My prayer is that God would reveal to her, that all of us are in need of God’s Love, and none of us can stand under justice with our brokenness. But we LGBTQ people are not less than or second class citizen, but we too are the beloved of God. We too are  the objects of His Love. We too are deserving of living Fully Alive life, enjoying committed relationships.

So in closing I love, Kim Davis as a fellow broken human being who God loves. Who God desires to reveal his love to and in the process transform our lives via this Love.

Thank You Lord, for helping me to see through your eyes. I know it wasn’t easy. Hate is so easy- Love on the other hand, not so easy, but so much more powerful!


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