Why Faith?

Is faith about the answers to life? Why do we sometimes think of it as an extra-curricula activity. I mean there is the business (busy-ness) of life we have to be about. Theres relationship, work, children, friends, money, bills and so many things that compete for our mindfulness and worry. How does streets of gold and haloed winged creatures rally fit into real life?

For some it is about a “book” with all the answers. These are  the ones who take scripture literally and do not think about when, who and why somethings were written. It brings them comfort to have all the answers neatly packaged in a way that brings them comfort and certainty. But for some, these answers or the interpretations that some accept by faith, fall short to address the challenge of their life. It sounds good but what about when it doesn’t really fit for all?

I for one believe that faith is about the questions of life and not about the answers. At one time I was one that believed I too had the answers. But, then life happened and my experience and the experiences of others I touched, didn’t quite fit into the neatly wrapped package of beliefs. This crisis of faith, meant I either had to ignore the exceptions to my rules and cling to my absolutes and stubborn views of faith or I had to unwrapped the package of my “beliefs and understandings” and realize that I had bought into an incomplete and flawed theology. But this would lead to more questions and uncertainty. Well it did and in fact it lead to a real reason for faith. The unanswered questions with uncertainty.

This uninsured understanding meant, I needed to embrace someone bigger than myself, who knew more than I did and yet I could trust, because of their love for me and for all. What I found was a bigger faith, one that is more authentic and real to face the challenging realities of my life and the lives of others. One that enables me to live and love with abandon. Where you don’t have to agree with or conform to my ideas. But a life where we can love each other unconditionally, because we are all on this journey of faith. I can trust the map maker to lead you and I. He may not take us the same way, but he will lead us to the same destination. I am not your Lord, I just am a fellow truster of the same Lord. I will not judge your journey, but I will trust your guide to do what is best for you. We all get off track and make missteps. However God is committed to guide and deliver us to our destination.

Since this shift in my life over 12 years ago, I have more questions than answers, but I am enjoying the ride and the fact that I do not have to carry the burden of judge and can simply love and encourage all my fellow travelers.

This is what I do and what Reconnection is about. If we connect to the one who loves us- everything will be worked out.


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