We are His beloved!

Before he laid the foundation of the world, He had us in mind. We are the reason for creation. God had you and I in His mind before we were born. He prepared a life for us, a plan for us. He was  with us through each moment of our lives, whether we recognized it or not. He was not there looking to judge us, or trying to make sure we did right. He was there to take care of us, to find moments to love us. We are his beloved. He looks for ways to bless us and to help us. He looks to embrace us in His love. Why, because we are His beloved.

Jesus, did all he did,to reveal to us that God Is Love. He suffered to redeem us to bring us back t relationship. God is not looking tomato people religious or to have followers. He is looking to fulfill his plan, of establishing a relationship with us and having us know, we are the objects of His Love. Heaven was not created to be an escape place for those who make it by the skin of their teeth. It was a place prepared for those who God loves.

The Gospel, is good news! God has revealed a new truth-  He is love and you are His beloved, as you are! You are not alone and He desires to walk with you and bring your life into His promises. Your needs, challenges and difficulties are His as well. People don’t need messages about Hell- they live that every day they live without God. They don’t need messages about sin- we all know or weaknesses and the guilt we carry. Jesus took that away and paid the price in full!

I find most people, are doing the best they can. But the Good news is we don’t need to do it alone. With God’s help we can do better, live better, have a peace, joy and strength beyond ourselves to rise above life as it has been and live a better life. Not because we are a disappointment to God as we are, but because we are His beloved and he wants so much more for us.

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