I feel sorry for Kim Davis

This week, I have had a lot more on my plate than what else was going on in the world. The normal frustration with the myriad of Donald Trump posts or the 15 minutes of fame of Kim Davis, seemed so distant. However, I did want to post about Kim Davis the Court Clerk, who felt it necessary to go to jail to keep from violating her religious beliefs. So here is my 2 cents:

First, I feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for her, because her perception of God is so small that he is more concerned more with who enters into a committed legal marriage than all the other greater issues that really make a difference in peoples lives, like feeding the hunger, clothing the naked, giving homes to the orphans and taking care of the widows.

Although I definitely don’t agree with her convictions, I have been in a situation where my job violated my beliefs. What did I do? I found another job. I would never use my faith  or beliefs to limit someone else rights nor would i think it was my mission to force my beliefs on others.

If this was another religion, would so many feel like it was about religious liberty? If she was Muslim and refused a marriage license to someone because they were not conforming to her  faith, would Mike Huckabee or the GOP be so quick to use this issue for  political gain. I think not.

It breaks my heart not only because they are trying to limit the rights of my gay brothers and sisters, it breaks my heart because it so misrepresents the person of Christ, in whose name they are trying to hijack for their own agenda. It breaks my heart that they seem to worship such a small and limited god, when so much more is available.

I find that Jesus, never tried to get involved in the political process of his day. The Roman government was a far less Christian government than ours, (which ours was never meant to be) and yet he was more concerned with the state of the religious and the hypocrisy that those who bore and used the name of his Father was involved. His purpose was to represent the heart of God and to help everyone find the Life and Purpose that God desired them to live. He ministered to everyone and all the more to the outcast and those most looked down upon.

How did the church get hijacked and become more concerned with political policies than the people who are effected by them?

My heart broke at the sight of the little baby that washed up on the shore, because his family was desperately trying to escape war and terror in Syria. Where was the church, being the arms of Christ to help these suffering people. How does denying marriage license help the kingdom of God? How does it demonstrate the Gospel message of building up people and bringing them into relationship with God.

If you want to transform and change the lives of people, even gay people, then you need to love us. Stop being the source of hate and judgement and start being a place that helps us find a loving relationship with God. However, I must warn you, you may just be transformed in the process and find that God is bigger and more inclusive than you ever realized.

Disclaimer- I am a Christian and I am gay. You may not believe this is possible, But God does. My faith is is His Love for me and in all people. Whosoever believes in Him, will find salvation and Love. Whosoever includes me. My God is bigger than any persons definition and He doesn’t need your or my permission to love, because he is Love!

My prayer is for Kim Davis to get a fresh and bigger revelation of who God is and of His love. This is the revival the church needs. A faith without love is dead, and all of us need a living faith, a loving faith, a transforming Faith or otherwise we all are lost!


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