The Best

there is what I can get away with or just getting by and then there is the best. Years ago I heard a message about the High Life. This is the kind of life that God has planned for each of us. Then there is the “low life” the life that is living below what God has planned for us. God loves us where we are, but as any parent, God desires better for us I our life. If we listen to our lower self, our ego, we will settle for what we can get by with. But there is a higher calling, a better way to live that calls us to better things. It’s usually not the easy way, it usually takes effort and faith, but it is the Best for us.

Lately, God has been dealing with me about several areas of my life. The question I have asked myself, is how is this working for me. The answer is simple, it’s not! So it’s time to move out of the getting by mentality to reaching the better way. It’s not about guilt or shame. It’s not about sin. It’s about settling for the mediocre or reaching for the better. I am tired of settling for the counterfeits of life. I am ready for the best that God has prepared for us! 

How about You! Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you where and how to grow into the best!

God is faithful to do just that!


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