One Thing I know for Sure- Love is the Answer!

God is loves and loves everybody! Anyone who accepts this love will have their life transformed. God meets WHOSOEVER where they are and loves them as they are. Any religion that teaches anything else, attempts to nullify the Gospel and true message of Christ. If you teach fear, shame, guilt and judgement then your faith has more to do with the Accuser than God.

I am not perfect, but I do serve a perfect God who has perfect love. All that God requires of me, is faith in this Love. I make mistakes, I sin, I doubt, I allow fear to sidetrack me, but I always find security and hope in God’s unconditional Love.

I pray, for the haters, the judges and those who work harder to hold people down, then lift them up. I pray they will see the errors of their ways.  We are commanded to Love God, Love our Neighbor and to Not Judge. Only when we are able to keep these commands are we even remotely qualified to preach to others about their lives.

You may not like something about someone’s life, you may disagree with their life. The good news, is you are only responsible to Love them and not change them.

Judgement affords us the ability to label someone and not to really get to know them. It blinds us to the dignity and humanity that is within each of us. We are all God’s children. We should take care how we treat God’s children or we might find ourselves on the wrong side of God. The one truly harmed by our judgements is ourselves, because we reap the same judgement we place on others. However, Love works the same in reverse, we reap the love we give out from God.

I may not agree with you, but I can still Love you. I may think your view is wrong but I can trust God to raise his own children. Sometimes siblings try take on the parental role and try to exert power over their siblings. As a parent, I would have to remind my kids every now and then, who was the parent and who was the kids. I think we in the church get into the same pattern. So no matter how you view someone, first begin by seeing them as God’s child and then it is easier to love them and trust God with their care.

Jesus said, “They shall know you belong to me, by the Love you have for one another” lately there seem to be few that truly belong or understand His message. May the church once again become the refuge of Hope and the place where all can fin unconditional Love and by this, the world we live in will be transformed.

“Hate cannot cast out Hate, only Love can do that.” Martin Luther King Jr.

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