A return to the Call

I know my page has been very preachy lately and for this I do not apologize. I feel compelled by the Spirit of Love to return to the Calling that God placed on my life, so many years ago. I must be a voice of Love and Good News in this climate of misrepresentation of Christ and His message for all. I am tired of watching people think they have no hope, because of the judgements of an obsolete religion that has abdicated the Throne of Grace. God has not changed, but the message has gotten lost. I am very thankful for the faithful who was there for me during my crisis of faith and life. I found there, not a different God, but a much bigger God than what I had been taught about. God’s is bigger than our brokenness, sins, flaws, mistakes, our definitions of marriage, racial prejudice, political divisiveness and anything else that we allow to separate and hurt one another. I am thankful for MCC and all others who preach a message of hope and Love. May we all unite in Love and Prayer and become the change this world so desperately needs.re

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