Pride In America

Today was great day for America! We took a great leap forward for justice and equality. How appropriate that this happened during June which is Pride month for the LGBTQ community. Today I have Pride in America and the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Why Pride you may ask? I do get asked why gay people have Pride and feel like it is necessary to stand up for our Pride. Well let me explain  a bit.

Society in general for many years said to those who were not straight, there is something wrong with you because you are not like us, keep quite, hide who you are, be ashamed of what you are and how you feel. Society made us the subject of cruel jokes, the object of abuse, hate and even murder, because we were less than. Gay men were not “real’ men, Lesbian women were not “real women” and trans people were not “real people”. This justified their treatment, and them withholding the dignity and respect that every human being is worthy of.

Then you have religion and the church. Many in this group set us up as the worst kind of sin and sinners. Judged us and sentenced us to Hell and then said we did not deserve the Love their own founder commanded. They went as far as to withhold Grace, fellowship and to teach that all in their ranks should do the same. This message of hate fueled societies prejudice and justified many of the acts and crimes against our community.

So we as a people, discovered early that our own identity and love, was unaccepted and dangerous. We were not accepted by society at large, by the community of faith, and even by our own families many times. We had to learn early to hide in shame or suffer the consequences of who we were. This led to many living in self hatred and shame and has driven many to take their own lives to escape the cruelty of a world that refused to simply accept our existence, worth and dignity.

There comes a time were each of us have had to make a choice, to hide in fear and shame and slowly destroy the person who God created us to be or to rise in spite of the hate and fear of society and choose to accept ourselves and affirm who we are as unique expressions of people that God created us to be. From this spirit of courage, in spite of all that society has done to abort our purpose and existence is where our Pride comes from. Not Pride in just ourselves, but Pride in the Human Spirit that will not be silenced or sit idly by and let others define, limit or squash our God given purpose and destiny.

Today, the highest Court in the Land gave us our dignity, by simply saying we deserve the same rights to happiness and protections in our relationships with those we love as everybody else already enjoy. It blows my mind that anyone would fight against this. If my purpose in life was to fight against the rights of others and to stop their ability to protect the ones they love, I would have to seriously reconsider what I believe. When you add to this that these same people use the Christ of Love to justify their actions, I must really question their understanding and “personal relationship” with the Christ of Love.

I know that the today’s decision will not remove the prejudice of many. It does affirm our dignity, worth and Pride in that God given Human Spirit, that will continue to rise and take its stand until all of our purpose and destiny is realized. This is my prayer for everyone, that all discover and live to our fullest.

One of my favorite Quotes sums this up, In the words of  St. Irenaeus “Man Fully Alive is the Glory of God”.

May we all realize the fullness of Life that brings God Glory!

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