Awareness of God’s Presence

Recently I read something I really liked, It said that we are never without the Presence of God, only the awareness of God’s presence. I began to think on this truth. How many times do we go through our day, not being aware of Presence. We can be religious, pious, even on our best behavior, but are we living from a place of Presence?

God is always present we are taught, but do we live like its so? I don’t mean with a sense of “Somebodies watching you” like the 80s song, but I mean with expectation and hope. DO we understand that the Presence of God is hovering and desiring to manifest and create in our lives. ( i use the same imagery that Genesis used in the creation).

I wonder if we would see more Miracles, if we lived our lives more aware of God’s presence. This is what I think Jesus meant when he refereed to the Kingdom of God being near. God’s rule, God’s Love, God’s power is at hand. So near we can reach out and touch it, like the women who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment.

I remember as a youth pastor, sitting a chair in the front of the room and asking my youth, If Jesus was sitting in this chair, what would they do differently or want to ask him. After we discussed it for a while, I would say, that the good news is, that he us present and was available for them at this very moment.

I will endeavor today, to live this truth out in my life and day! I hope you will join me too!


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