Balanced Living

Living a balanced life is something that must be worked at and continually checked on. I use a rancher analogy to describe it. Ranchers have to ride down their fence line to check to see if there are any breaks in order to maintain their livestock. They can just wait until they get a call that their cattle are out on a road, but that would be costly. We can either work to maintain the “fences of our lives or we can wait till a problem presents itself as well. As has said, God begins speaking in a whisper, if we don’t listen, he may hit us with a brick. When things start getting out of balance in my life, I sometimes say its time to mend the fences.

A very important principle of balanced living as presented in a book I am reading by Dan Millman he calls the trinity:

daily exercise

healthy balanced diet

sufficient sleep and rest

I have made a commitment to make sure I have these three things in my life and then I am in a place to deal with the challenges of the other areas in my life.

Some people are so spiritual minded they are no earthly good. It may make them sound super spiritual but it is a form of unbalanced living. People do not need perfect example of spiritual living they need a real one!

On the other hand you can be so physically or body minded that  you are no spiritual good.

We are a very unique species, the human being. We are human- with all of its drives, appetites, emotions and weaknesses and we are beings- spiritual at our core with all of its intuitions, directions and connections to God. Living with both of these parts of ourselves if you will can be challenging but finding a healthy balance is also the key to a successful and happy life.

Knowing how to interact with people also comes from understanding this kind of living. Sometimes people need a spiritual word of encouragement and sometimes they simply need a hug, food or some physical need met. I think about the cases of Bibles sent to Nepal. The Gideon’s hearts may have been in a right place, but the gift was misplaced. Show the people of Nepal the Christ we believe Loving them and ministering to their needs, then maybe they will want a Bible, give them a Bible when there world has literally fallen a part and it is a cart before the horse.

May Christ help us all mend our fences and the fences of our neighbors, so that the Peace, Love and Joy of balanced living can be ours!


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