Whose Map are you using?

“Do not allow the opinions of others define who you are”

We are all on a journey in life and God will direct us to our purpose and destination. We get into trouble when we try to use the map or directions of someone else to direct our trip. We also get into trouble when we try to direct others based on our map. I am not called nor are you to be each others GPS. God is our GPS. If you are lost i will point you to Him but I cannot assume to know your where you are or where you need to go. God is more than able and I can trust Him to do that job better than I can.

It is none of my business what others believe or think, I trust God to teach and direct us all. Religion many times makes the assumption that we all should follow the same map. But if I am going to Omaha and you are going to New York and we both try to use the same map, one or both of us is going to get lost. If I have the right map but follow your directions, or vise versa, we both will be lost. Sometimes we judge someone as lost, because they are not where we are. There are also times where we live lost because we are trying to follow the map of others.

Faith is a journey. God is the navigator. I do not have all the answers about even my trip, so how can I judge yours. All i know is I plan on enjoying this road trip and pray you will enjoy yours.


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