Living Authentically

A few years back I discovered some truths about my life that was life changing for me and for many I cared about. It created a crisis in my life and caused some to redefine what they thought about me. The saddest thing about it all was that I allowed it to redefine how I saw myself and I bought into others definitions of me and how this effected my life’s purpose and calling. However the truth was that I was the same person, I had always been and even more important, was that God did not change nor did God change who he thought I was nor did his Love, or plan for my life change. God is calling all of us to enlarge our idea of who God is and who God loves. Being gay is not outside the ability or bounds of God’s love, nor does it disqualify anyone from relationship with God. God knows there are gay people and God loves gay people.

I am not here to judge what others believe or what they did or didn’t do, that is between them and God. I choose to love and forgive all of those involved in my story. However, the thing I want to talk about and retake, is my mission and purpose of my life. From a young age, I knew that God’s hand was on my life and had called me to a purpose bigger than myself. The story of my life is like any story, it has a lot of characters, plot changes and ups and downs, but one thing remains constant, God’s Love and plan.

I have not always made the best or even right decisions. I am far from perfect and I am very aware of my flaws. However, I refuse to live in the shadows or live out the story that others would have for me. I am a child and Son of God. I am a Christian and I love and live for God. I am also a gay man. I did not choose my story or my struggle but I do choose to live it with faith, authenticity and love. You may have a problem, with it. But it is not your life or story and you are not my judge.

I am tired of sitting on the sidelines of life and allowing the judgements of others, define my experience. I am also tired of watching these same judgements destroy the hope and faith of others who find that who they are, and are told that who they are disqualifies them from a life of hope and faith as defined by these same self-righteous.

Christ is The Hope- for everyone!

You do not have to agree with me, but you do have to love me! As Americans you may have the right to withhold your wedding cakes from me but as Christians you cannot withhold you love, as commanded by Christ,- however He does say to withhold your judgements!

I  do have a choice and it is not who I am attracted to,but it is how I live my Life. I can live the life you think I should, or I can be true to God and myself and live an honest, authentic life that contains flaws and all- through the Grace of Christ!

I choose the Latter!

I will not answer for your life and you won’t answer for mine, but I will give an account of how true I do live mine! If I allow your beliefs to limit my calling then I have failed to fulfill my purpose and will give account. So I choose to live the life God has given me with all its challenges, so that I can finish my race and fulfill my purpose and I pray nothing less for you.

I spent 36 years asking God to change things in my life and finally I realized, God had a purpose in my struggle and loved me as I was. There are others dealing with the same life who need to know that Christ loves them for who they are and has a plan for their life and will lead them into His purpose for that life. He doesn’t ask anyone to deny or live someone else’s definition, he simply asks for honesty and faith. He will meet all of us where we are and take us where he wants us to be.

This is the Gospel which is Good News- God loves All, Christ died for all that All might live!

I hope you read this and have a better understanding of who I am, I hope you will love me and even if we disagree we can still love and respect each-other- no one deserves any less! However even if you can’t, I will!

I forgive all, I love All and I take up my calling and choose to live my purpose on Purpose! I no longer accept the definition of others for my life!


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