Hope- Earnest Expectation

We live in a world with 24 news channels that feed the world with a constant barrage of negative cannon blasts that can make you forget that anything good is happening. We are also entering into a political season, where mud will be slung and the basest of human nature will be on display. How can we stay hopeful in the present, much less in the future?

Hope means an earnest expectation of good and a better future. Without hope, one cannot have faith. We must be faithful guards for what we allow into our minds and what we let our minds dwell and focus on. We need to feed ourselves inspirational words, be that scripture, books, music and others tools. All the while we need to as Oswald Chambers puts it, “Make room for God.”

Are you expecting good?

When a women is pregnant with a child, we say she is expecting. She knows that baby is coming, and it is just a matter of time. It is the same way with us. We should be expecting Good or God. Its coming, its just a matter of time. My day, week or year may have been difficult but I have made a decision to put my hope in God and so good is coming.

You can’t have God in your life without having good in your life. Miracles happen, where God is. God is Good, Peace, joy, Love, Strength, Healing and provision and if you put your hope in God, all that God is, will begin to show up in your life, you just need to be expecting.

Expecting, means you start looking for it. God loves surprises and doing things in a way or using somebody you least expect. I really do believe that God has a sense of humor. He has been known to even use the person that drives you nuts the most.

So what is you attitude with life? Are you looking and expecting good? When I am waiting on someone who I am expecting, I go to the window and check with every noise I hear. It may be a friend, family member or just the pizza delivery guy. But I know they are coming and so I am expecting them and keep looking.

May we live our days, knowing, expecting Good to come into our life. With every noise, we should ask, is that it, Is that God………..I know its coming!


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