Crisis of the Lost

Do you remember the television show. “Lost”? I watched several season of this show only to finally get frustrated and then I lost interest and they Lost me as a viewer.

There seems to be a lot of people who are lost in life of late. I found myself there of late and finally came to a conclusion that how I was living my life wasn’t working and when what your doing isn’t working it is time for a change.

So many seem to be angry, frustrated, depressed and simply lost. A question that I like to ask myself and others who come to me for advice is simply this, “How is that working for you”? Usually it isn’t and then if you are honest you will realize you are in  crisis and its time to get serious and maybe even drastic.

This is what I did. I took a look at what wasn’t working and what was not only not working but what was working against me. What was it I really wanted? and then what could I do to get there from here using a different method than what I had been.

For me this brought about a return to a calling that I had played aside some years ago. I realized my life was in the mess it was because it lacked purpose and I had placed idols (things in my life that I looked to to do what in reality only God could do). So i removed these idols or counterfeit solutions and crutches in my life and sought relationship with God and took up my calling again and started by taking small steps to do what I knew to do.

What I have found is a Love and a peace that has been missing. Now, I don’t mean to suggest that everything has magically fallen into place, but I can say that I know I am on the right track and I look forward to seeing it all unfold. I also no longer feel lost. There still are times when I get anxious or doubt, but that is when I go and spend time with God, in prayer, music or inspirational book and snuggle in His love. Then a Peace that passes all understanding wraps around me like a warm quilt, when the winter chill has touched your bones.

Crisis, frustration and even depression can be a blessing- because it are these things that sound the alarm of the lost and cause one to seek the guide of the soul who has prepared a personal map for your route to your true home.

Welcome weary traveler- you are lost no more- welcome home!

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