Risky Love- Amazing Love!

As a single guy, I will be the first one to say dating life is very challenging. If you find a love interest, it can be very difficult until you know if the feelings are mutual. Being the first to express love takes courage and is risky because the love may not be returned.

Think about the fact that God has made such a risk with you and I. God first loved us and went way out to demonstrate this love for us, without the guarantee  that we will return this love or remain faithful. This world and life offers us so much to distract us from and entice us to replace this first Love.

Like any relationship, our relationship with God takes commitment, covenant and must be nurtured. God doesn’t want to be our Plan B, or our sugar daddy. Nothing hurts more than to know that we are somebody’s fallback plan if something better doesn’t come along or we are only there for what we can offer. Yet we have used God that way before.

Everything God has done, from creation to providing a pricey salvation is all done for us, His beloved and object of His heart. Think of the most beautiful displays of creation and realize God did this with us in mind, for us to enjoy. God doesn’t only bring you flowers but created them in the first place. God desires to spend time with us, for us to get to know him and fall in love with him and to know a love like no other. He also created spectacular getaway places for this to happen.

One of the most amazing truths, is that He who knows us best, loves us most. God knows all our flaws, shortcomings, weaknesses and hidden secrets and yet in spite of this knowledge God has pursued us, and made promises to us and has done all of this at risk of us not returning this love or rejecting this love for other things.

What a risky Love but what a pure Love- a love that truly only wants the best for us and from the one who can bring us to that place of finding and living that best in our life.

What a Love story!

“You Have made us for yourself, oh my God and our hearts will never rest until they rest in you.” Saint Augustine

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