What if?

What if there was a message of hope and Love to all people. What if God was willing to meet you, on the dusty road of your journey, and interrupt your brokenness and failed attempts at trying to forge a life where you could be happy. What if it wasn’t God’s will to dole out eternal punishment to those who didn’t measure up to his standards. What if even a failed church could find mercy and restoration in spite of its misrepresentation of the character of God, and its pursuits at self promotion and success on the backs of the guilty and shameful. What if God was really Love.

There is a Good News! All the above is true! God is faithful to God’s own character. God is not a slick tongue, well dressed evangelist trying to fill his bank account on your brokenness and fear. God is a Parent, who loves his children and has gone to hell and back to redeem and deliver them. All of them. Even those who don’t even know about his Goodness. This is the message of the Gospel. God isn’t trying to keep you out of the family. God is not a heartless parent who finds out that a child of his doesn’t measure up so he kicks them out. He is the parent, that runs toward the prodigal son, and throws a party because he has returned.

People may think, someone is not worthy to bake a cake for in love or fix their car, but Christ got down on his knees and washed the feet of men, in spite of their weakness and he then laid down his life for them, because Love trumps judgement- every time. It isn’t always easy to find Christ in the institutions that bear his name or in the homes of the cars that are plastered with bumper stickers declaring their faithfulness, but Christ can be found by a sincere seeking heart. This heart does not need to be approved by men or accepted by religion, because this heart has a invitation from the Master himself- because every heart, every person is the beloved of God and the object of God’s Love and no matter how imperfect, or in what state, God wants to throw you a welcome home party! There will be those religious folks that will throw a tantrum, but let the Father deal with them. They can be saved from themselves too! God wants to redeem all- even the self-righteous.

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