He is the Vine we are the branches. (John 15)

Reconnecting to Christ is a ministry about getting back to the source of our Life and living an authentic life minus the baggage of religious expectation. No matter who we are or where we are in life’s journey, we all have a invitation to reconnect with our true self and get grounded by the Love of God found in Christ.

There are times when i find my life getting out of control or out of balance, due to stress, or demands and it becomes apparent that I need to reconnect to my spirituality. We all are Spirit, body soul. We cannot deny any part of who we are and not get out of balance. When ministering to gay christians, I tell them from experience that we cannot deny our sexuality, however we also cannot deny our spirituality. This truth is for all people. Spirituality anchors and centers all of our life. If we are not connected to Christ then the rest of our life gets out of Balance and out of control. Our thought life, financial life, relationships, sexuality and every other part of our life is only as healthy as our spirituality.

How do we connect? Connecting is actually simple, the hard part is to remember to keep reconnecting. We connect through prayer, meditation, or simply setting our mind and hearts on Christ and recognizing that we have a relationship with him. For many this may sound way out there. This is due to the fact that we all live from one of two places. Our Ego (false self) or from our True self (Spirit self). The ego or false self is the identity that we have formed through our life’s experiences. It is the way we see the world and have learned to cope and protect ourselves. It is the sum of the labels and definitions we have accepted that have been put on us. This is also the source of the negative self talk we feed ourselves daily. Scripture also calls this the carnal nature or sinful self. Don’t let those words turn you off, it is simply an identity we have built doing our best, on our own to protect ourselves from life. However there is and has always been the real self, that was created by God. It is our heart or Spirit. Some are aware of this early and life and for some it is stifled and never developed. For some it is stifled by religion or lost in the noise of religion or other ideals. But the truth remains that this part is still there and can be rediscovered and developed. This rediscovery or reconnection will restore balance to every area of your life and this is what Reconnection 2 Christ Ministries is all about.

This is not about Church, although you may choose to go because it seems to help you reconnect or it may not be what helps you. For many religion has been very hurtful and abusive. For some its structure helps them as a starting place. This is about Real spirituality. Its a personal connection that in turn changes all your relationships and the way you relate to people and life. People will notice something is different about you when you are living this way. But the source of this life, the well from which you draw is your own secret place. A personal connection with Christ. All you need to do is invite him and ask him to meet you where you are and he does. You become aware of this connection and it becomes a regular practice to connect and live and develop this true self and life. Jesus taught in John 15 that He is the vine and we are the branches. We grow and are fruitful when we understand He is our source of life, love, joy and strength. Don’t let others try and define this personal relationship for you. Allow Christ to reveal Himself to you and the two of you work on building this relationship together. This is your inheritance for you are a Child Of God! You may say wait, Mike I am not religious and I don’t want what I see in the lives of those who are. Well, this is why the religious had such a problem with Christ, because he too had a problem with he status quo or religion and chose to spend time with real people “sinners”. He enjoyed spending time in  the realness of real people who struggled with life over the religious “self-righteous”. Your relationship to Christ is just that- Yours and His!

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